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Challenging the Status Quo

Challenging the status quo is difficult but, like change it is also necessary. For example, when I was considering moving in with my boyfriend, now husband I was very nervous and uneasy because I had never done this before. I was giving up my apartment, taking everything and moving into someone else’s home in a new town that was very different from what I as used to. I thought, what happens if it doesn’t work out? I knew no one, as all my friends were still in Brooklyn. In fact, for the first few years, I went to Brooklyn to see my friends quite often. After some time I met new friends, not forgetting my older ones, and not realizing it, became more comfortable in my new home. If I had listened to my fears, I wouldn’t have the amazing life I have with a partner who understands, supports and loves me for who I am. In other words I was challenging the status quo.

Challenging the status quo is scary but necessary.
Change is difficult, but necessary. What 1 tigin are you willing to do differently

What does this have to do with business? In a word EVERYTHING! The same holds true for my professional life. I’ve had many jobs in my life leading up to my starting my own business. I’ve built my business on the knowledge and the skills that I learned in each company. It would have been easier to keep working for someone else but I challenged the status quo. I took one step beyond my comfort zone. And then another. And then another. I was scared, nervous and whatever emotion you can think of but it was worth the risk. I still have those feelings but I write in my journal or talk to a friend or my husband and then I move past them.

Change is scary. It’s easier to stay with what you know because it’s what you know. What would happen if you challenge the status quo? You may get results you didn’t think of. Many people stay in their current situation because regardless of the results they’re getting or not getting, it’s comfortable and moving out of your comfort zone takes courage and risk. There’s risk in starting your own business. There’s risk in starting a new job or changing careers. There’s risk in everything we do, even living. The question is do you have the courage to try something different in your sales, marketing, hiring strategies or any other area of your business?

I’m not big on making promises but there is one promise I will make. The world won’t come to an end by challenging the status quo. Just remember you need to give it time to work. I challenge everyone reading this post to try something new in their business. Please comment on how that works out for you.