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Are you concerned you're not getting the results you want from your marketing efforts? CJ Design & Consulting has the education, skills, training and experience to give you a powerful digital presence.

Our clients tell us we get RESULTS and give you back time in your day! What's more important than TIME? Let's Talk.

We travel to you. Convenience & Affordability!

Which of Our Services Is Right For You?

Web Design

CJ Design & Consulting doesn't give you a cookie cutter website based on a template. We work with you to give your business a custom coded website that gets you results!

Content Marketing

CJ Design & Consulting creates relevant and engaging content, including but not limited to images, text & video, so you stay top of mind with your audience and increase revenue.

Email Marketing

CJ Design & Consulting is different from other digital marketing professionals because we have the skills, training & experience to give you/your business a powerful digital presence.

Fusion Media Marketing

Fusion Marketing is the "next step" in marketing & uses ALL the tools available to your business.
CJ Design & Consulting will help you take your marketing through the "next step" and beyond.

CJ Design & Consulting is the go to business that can help your business marketing strategy soar. Call us today to get started! (917) 334-6385

CJ Design & Consulting is a proud supporter of Paws of War, a Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Saving Lives Both Animals & Veterans.