CJ Design & Consulting Accessibility is Key to the Success of Your Website

Accessibility is Key to the Success of Your Website

The practice of making necessary adjustments to a website so that people with disabilities can access its content, has become a fundamental consideration for website owners and agencies. As a result, all the sites that we build and manage should follow the website accessibility standards laid out in the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Website Accessibility is not only a moral and legal responsibility, it can help you search engine optimization and website rankings
Website Accessibility can actually help your SEO

Why has accessibility become an issue now? Here are some great answers.

  • The legislative landscape has changed. Hundreds of thousands of business owners and agencies have received demand letters for having inaccessible websites. 
  • As a result of the pandemic we rely on the internet for just about everything. In addition, society is realizing that people with disabilities have a right to equal access to all websites. 
  • Our main motivation for taking this initiative is simply to look out for your interests and make sure that your website is up-to-date in an ever-changing web ecosystem.

CJ Design & Consulting strives to be inclusive. As a result we have partnered with accessiBe, the #1 Web Accessibility Solution for WCAG & ADA Compliance. They are affordable, efficient & ensure your website is compliant by offering the best accessibility solutions.

Grow Your Business Through Accessibility

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that website accessibility has become a standard for business owners, considering the large consumer market that it allows you to tap into. 1 out of every 4 people in the U.S. lives with a disability, contributing to this significant market size and a buying power that adds to your company growth and website’s value.

With a moral and legal responsibility to be inclusive, business owners are adopting website accessibility  while  experiencing the tremendous impact it has all-around. 

The Benefits of Website Accessibility

  1. Accessibility is good (no, GREAT) business. By opening up your website’s doors to 25% of the population that lives with a disability, you’re likely to generate more revenue while doing good. The community has a vast buying power of $1.2 trillion. By creating spending opportunities for a community that wishes to perform transactional deals with your company, you form long-term business relationships that contribute to your financial goals. It’s a win-win.
  2. It improves your website’s performance. Are you interested in raising your SEO ranking? How about increasing your website’s traffic, dwell time and click thru rate (CTR)? 82% of users would spend more time on websites if they were more accessible. Therefore, it makes sense that if your website is accessible, you can expect a dramatically improved user experience, leading you to likely see increases in performance and conversion rates. Google also loves good user interaction, which brings us back to SEO.
  3. Accessibility mitigates legal risk. Making your website open and available to everyone is the right thing to do. Accessibility is also a legal requirement . In addition, considering the increase in accessibility lawsuits, you want to mitigate the possibility of a lawsuit by adopting web accessibility standard practices.
  4. Al saves you time and money. Website accessibility used to be something only larger companies could take advantage of. Al technology, however, has made website accessibility more business-friendly and affordable. As a result, all businesses can take advantage of the benefits without the extra resources needed for implementation and practice.
  5. Accessibility helps you build a positive, online reputation. Consumers are loyal to inclusive brands. It’s that simple! Brands that produce websites/products/services in inclusive, accessible ways can boost their, online reputation with consumers.
    People living with disabilities maintain warm perceptions of businesses that have efficient user experience and can be navigated by all. Another positive note is they’ll spread the word to friends and family increasing your audience reach.


As stated earlier, integrating an accessibility solution into your website is a win-win solution for your business and for people with disabilities who want to navigate and purchase products or services on your website.
New, advanced technology makes it possible for business owners to adopt a solution at low cost and quickly, while maintaining compliance with website accessibility legislation. Make a great, strategic business decision while doing the right thing.

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