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Why CJ Design & Consulting

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Who is CJ Design & Consulting? Why I do what I do. I do what I do because I love it. I pursued a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design because as the saying goes, “If you love what you do you won’t work a day in your life.”

Before starting CJ Design & Consulting, I worked in several industries that all shared a common theme and that theme was helping the consumers with self-improvement. I never sold goods. I always sold services. Outside of working in the graphic design business, I worked for Weight Watchers and I ran a sports program for children through a large gym chain. None of these sell a tangible asset. I sell an activity . . . a result . . . self-improvement.

Starting My Business

I realized I could run CJ Design & Consulting using my skills as a graphic/web designer & developer to help improve solopreneurs, small businesses that have been in business at least 3 years & up to $500,000, and non-profit organizations,. We are not chasing the almighty dollar for the sake of profit, but rather understanding that solopreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations, have to be very frugal with their support dollars, their advertising budget and things of this nature. I felt that I could make the greatest impact in providing services to these businesses while still running a successful business from a business point of view.

CJ Design & Consulting is a digital marketing business that specializes in Search Engine Optimization, however, our areas of expertise include email marketing, graphic design, content marketing, website (re)design and social media marketing, because if you’re not on the high in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) you’re not being seen.

How CJ Design & Consulting Is Different

What’s different about CJ Design & Consulting is that we  begin with a discovery call to learn more about you and your business. We ask specific questions so that we know what marketing aspects to work on first. We deliver on time and on budget. This benefits your business because we save you time and money while giving you a high quality product(s) that can compete with the larger digital marketing agencies. In addition, we don’t just focus on digital marketing, we look at what’s best for YOUR BUSINESS. 

Our clients, from across all verticals, tell us we get RESULTS. Whether it’s  higher open rates or click through rates on your emails, more visitors to your website, brand awareness, social media ads, website accessibility or any other marketing result you can think of. I have a vast array of resources at our fingertips, including working with other small businesses that complement our skills.

In addition, CJ Design & Consulting believes in giving back to the community, so we donate a percentage of our sales to PutnamSPCA, which has a 100% conviction rate for those who neglect and abuse animals. You can check out their website through the links provided on this page.

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