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5 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design Matters

1. A single URL and HTML code. This makes it easier for the business owner to manage and for Google to index the site for new content. Note: Having a separate mobile website means having to manage two sites, and makes search engines work that much harder to correctly index your website information.

2. Ease of Use. According to statistics provided by Google's Think Insights, 61% of mobile users who land on your website and become irritated or can't find the information they need will promptly leave your site in search of what they are looking for (most likely from your competition). However, the statistics also indicate that if the user has a good experience on your site, they are 67% more likely to buy into your product or service.

3. Faster website loading time. Responsive design sites load more quickly on mobile devices than desktop websites. Longer loading times can frustrate the mobile device user and increase the likelihood that they will abandon your site in favor of one that is more user-friendly.

4. It's All About the User Experience Based on Google's Think Insights on mobile, there is a 61% chance a user will leave your site immediately and rush over to a competitor's website if the user gets frustrated with your website or they fail to find what they are looking for. On the other hand, when you provide users with a positive experience, they are 67% more likely to purchase your product or your service.

5. Responsive design is responsive to all devices. Websites with responsive design are designed to respond to various screen sizes, not device sizes, so that users will be able to easily view your site on both current and future devices - no matter what the size (e.g. Google Glass).

While mobile websites were once a novelty item for businesses, today it has become a necessity. However, not all mobile website templates are created equally. The best solution is to implement a responsive design so your mobile site will provide a superior user experience on today's devices as well as most new devices in the future.

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