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6 Steps To Developing a Conversion Strategy

1. What is your specific objective? Of course your goal is to make money, but how? What segment(s) of your target market will you be focusing on? What specific products or services do you want these people to buy? What is your timetable for success?
2. What is your marketing landscape? The environment in which your business exists will influence your chances of success.
3. What branding strategy will help you stand out from the competition in a positive way for the customers in your target market? To stand out, you must offer value that your competition doesn't, and that is important to your customers.
4. What tactics can you use to reach your target market with your message in a way that is affordable and effective?
5. What tools can you use in your tactics? You need the right tools to make your tactics work.
6. What is your message? Tools are vehicles that carry your messages. What you say and how you say it make a huge difference. Your messages must reflect what your target market wants to buy. Promise them what they want and offer more value than the competition.