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Optimizing Your Digital Marketing for 2022

Even before COVID became a household name, marketers have reinforced the importance of an omni channel approach. In this type of strategy, once a customer engages with a brand by clicking an ad or visiting a website, each of their social channels is now a tool to continue to communicate the brand message. Each channel is now updating to the last experience the customer had with your brand. Each touchpoint across the process creates a unified experience for your prospects. By providing them with different ways to communicate and engage with your brand, you are making it extremely convenient to do so.

  • Google Adwords: Google AdWords is cost per click (CPC) which means it’s paid advertising. Google Adwords allows you to appear at the very top of the search results, but remember you’re paying to be there. Once you stop paying for the ads your ranking will fall. The key is that your ad is CPC (Cost Per Click). It doesn’t cost you anything unless somebody actually clicks on the ad. With Google, you have the opportunity to target very specific audiences and set a maximum budget. It is a great way to quickly drive quality traffic. You want to make sure you sync your Google Adwords with your Google analytics account so that you have conversion tracking in place. You want to know if people are checking out and if they are buying. Are they filling out a form? Are they calling you? You want to truly measure your return on investment. 
Businesses can no longer rely on one or two channels to get the word out. They must employ an omni channel strategy
OMNI-Channel concept for digital marketing and online shopping.Illustration EPS10.
  • Social Media Ads: Social Media Ads is another component that needs to be addressed. If you’re already advertising on social media, you know there was a big change last year which was the iOS update from Apple. This update really hampered the ability to do conversion tracking and remarketing, however, that being said, costs are definitely up, but they’re still performing. One of the things to take a look at is your overall performance. 
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is absolutely something that if you’re not already doing you need to incorporate. If you’re already using email marketing you need to kick it up. It’s a priority channel for 2022 and more than 40% of companies intend to increase their investment in 2022, some of the trends contributing to this, are personalization. The level of personalization you can do in email marketing is amazing. and because of all the privacy updates on social media, it’s as effective as many other digital initiatives. More important than ever is to really be utilizing your email marketing with email marketing automation. There’s a tremendous opportunity for lead generation and what’s nice about automation is that you set it up and let it run. It’s working for you 24/7 so think about using email auto responders. It’s that easy. 

    Your analytics must be check often. CJ Design & Consulting is a Certified Constant Contact Solutions Provider and we can help you with that service or any other. You do, however, need to check your analytics. CJ Design & Consulting is a Certified Constant Contact Solutions Provider and we can help you with email marketing or the other services mentioned in this blog.

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