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3 Trends Shaping Email Marketing Over the Next Decade (No, Email Is Not Dead)

The Benefits of Email Marketing

For years people have claimed that email marketing is dead. Well I’m here to tell you email marketing is still the most effective marketing channel and one of the best tools for attracting, nurturing and retaining customers. Sure, there are companies replacing email marketing with instant messaging and texting tools. In addition, the younger generations are connecting with companies via social media platforms, however email continues to be one of the top ways to connect with your audience, for both B2B and B2C.

So now that we know email marketing is here to stay, let’s look at some of the changes that will come.

AI will play an even bigger role

Ever find yourself looking online at a product you didn’t know existed, and now realize you want or need? That’s AI. It analyzes your shopping and browsing history on sites like Amazon to recommend additional or similar products you might like.

Over the last couple years, there’s been a big uptick in artificial intelligence tools aimed at improving and automating various elements of email marketing. In fact, Machine learning is expected to really hits its stride in the next several years.

The multiplying effect of email on other marketing channels

We all know, that executing campaigns centered around the customer experience is critical. When used strategically, email can be the main driver in delivering that customer experience. However, email must be integrated with your other channels in order to bolster their effectiveness and provide a consistent, continuous customer experience.

For example, say a potential buyer receives an email with a particular offer or messaging. They may ignore the email initially, but take notice after seeing the same offer on your website or social media channels. This is your classic scenario where the second or third touch is what drives the conversion. This is also simply another reminder of how email can support the success of other channels. Remember it can take 7-10 touches for a prospect to make a purchase.

Making conversions even more seamless

Traditionally, email has been a one-way delivery system that has required anyone interested in your offer to click a link, which then opens up a landing page in a web browser. Not a big deal, but there’s still a small amount of friction here. What if an email recipient could submit a form or make a purchase from right within the email?

As ESPs continue to evolve, so will the ability to interact with our subscribers without the need for them to leave their inbox. Emails will no longer consist of solely an image and text, but other functionalities that make opening up an email fun and unpredictable. Opening an email may soon be like opening an app, where recipients can interact with a brand or company in real time, take instant advantage of offers, and more.

Here to stay

Email is alive and has a prosperous future. The way email marketing looks today may evolve, but this marketing channel will continue to be around for a long time. With the amount of technological advances on the horizon, email will continue to be the most effective and highest-yielding channel we have.

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